Monday, January 14, 2013

While I was waiting...

The other day my husband and I were out running errands. I decided to stay in the car while he ran into an office supply store. As he walked away, I casually took a look around the parking lot where I would be spending the next few minutes...and met the eyes of another passenger waiting in a car next to me. I quickly looked away - I'm not a creep who stares, right?! However, I then made eye contact of another waiting passenger in the car straight across from me. What in the world?! I quickly closed my eyes as I pondered my next  move. Apparently, those other ladies were looking AT ME, and now I'm closing my eyes...that's weird...I should open my I'm looking at my lap...more weird...OH! I found my sunglasses in the center console and slipped them on. Perfect. Behind my dark lenses I felt like I could look anywhere I chose in absolute obscurity (never mind the obvious turning of my head) so I confidently gazed around the parking lot. To my surprise almost every car around me had someone in it! Except the car to my right, which held an adorable little puppy. As we all took turns staring at each other (of course, they didn't know I was staring, because of the sunglasses) things got very awkward...
Suddenly, the puppy started barking. We all turned to look, thankful for an escape from the tangled web of stares we were caught in. And we continued to stare at that puppy until we each pulled away (I only know this because while keeping my head pointed in the direction of the puppy, I turned my eyes to see where everyone else is looking).

A few thoughts from this experience:
I really like to stare at people, don't you? I'm curious and people are fascinating.
Why don't folks like to go into office supply stores? Very suspicious...
I need to wear my sunglasses all the time.

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