Thursday, January 31, 2013

Freak me out!

The horror.
The absolute horror.
When I saw it I gasped out loud.
I felt my heart start to race.

There was a hole in my favorite hoodie.

As I reached to inspect it closer, it seemed like I was moving in slow motion.
A thousand thoughts raced through my mind...What am I going to wear now? What am I going to wear tomorrow and the next day? Would I ever find such a perfect hoodie again? Maybe I shouldn't have washed it so much. Maybe I should have washed it more. Of course I'll still wear it around the house, but could I wear it out? How much do I really care about public opinion?

As I touched the hole, it moved. What?!
Turns out, it wasn't a hole. It was a dark yarn-like thread masquerading as a hole.
I bent over to catch my breath and sighed in relief.

Jeans, hoodie, and flip flops. Life is good.

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