Thursday, February 14, 2013

Safety First

We have safety plugs in all of our outlets because we are involved in a type of foster care program. I didn't use them when my kids were small because they were practically perfect toddlers (before you get all crazy about that statement - which is true - let me say that isn't that case now and I'm not sure it was a good thing...but that is for a different blog post). But lately, those safety plugs have been going missing. It has been a bizarre mystery, until yesterday. I actually watched our dog use his tiny little front teeth to pop one out of the wall and chew on it. Thankfully, I got to him before he actually ate it. But I wonder, how many he has actually ingested? Since they have been missing and I haven't been finding them around the house, I'm assuming he has eaten them. And why he isn't dead? I mean, it seems to me that those would be pretty hard on the digestive system.
It just doesn't seem very safe.

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